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Alpine tunnels

Easytrip your toll partner to drive through Alpine Tunnels


  •  Fréjus Tunnel
    12.8 KM
  •       Mont Blanc Tunnel
     11.6 KM


    Who is concerned

    The toll on the Fréjus & Mont Blanc tunnels applies to vehicles with a weight of 3.5 tons, with two or more axles and a height of 3 meters or more.

    What kind of device

    Choose the solution matching your routes.

    For frequent users: use our Fréjus & Mont Blanc card which is license plate bound.

    • Fréjus card (charged with IT VAT) has to be requested and issued by SITAF.
    • Mont Blanc card (charged with FR VAT)  has to be requested and issued by GEIE.

    For occasional users: use our online portal Q&B System. Enter your booking request and in 5 minutes you will receive by email or sms the reference number for your transit.

    Price of the network

    The toll amounts for the Fréjus & Mont Blanc tunnels depend on: EURO Emission class of vehicles and the axle number.
    With Easytrip you can choose whether to have transits charged with France VAT (20%)  or Italian VAT (22%).


    The toll on the Fréjus & Mont Blanc tunnels are based on postpayment.


    You can also benefit of maximum discount paid by the tunnels up to 13% from the first passage applies.

    Consult our dedicated team, covering all Europe.