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Q&A - Easytrip HGV in Europe

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How do I get in contact with Easytrip?

If you have questions or want to provide feedback on any of our services please, go to our contact page and fill in the contactform.


Where can I find the nearest Easytrip office?

Easytrip offers its services in 25 countries, with offices and dedicated staff. 

To find your local office in Europe, please click here.

I want to book a ferry or a train for my truck, how can I do that?

Easytrip makes use of an advanced 24/7 online booking portal with a dedicated booking team across Europe. Thanks to this extremely user-friendly interface, you can add or amend bookings.

The local office in charge takes care of the bookings and amendments on your behalf and provides feedback to your request in a very short time.

To do your bookings, please click here.

In which countries are my toll & fuel payments subjected to VAT & Excise?

In most parts of Europe the toll & fuel payments are subject to VAT & ExciseThese VAT & Exise amounts can be reclaimed from the international authorities. 

In each country this amount is different and each country has different rules and formalities to recover the amount. -> Check our VAT & Excise page or get in contact with our VAT & Excise experts.

What kind of vehicles can be registered as an Easytrip client?

Small, middle and large transport & logistic companies can be an Easytrip client.  

The dedicated Easytrip services for toll, ferry, fuel, VAT & Excise are available for each type of transport & logistic companies.

I want to change my OBU for another service / device, what do I need to do?

When your work turned to other European countries, you probably need to change your services.

Together with you we will look for the best solutions so you can still transport through Europe with the same level of service.

The unnecessary devices can be returned to your local Easytrip office. Please contact the local office to manage it, click here.

I will have a new truck, which OBU's & cards do I have to replace or can be reused?

When having a new truck it's important to register the license of the new vehicle on time. Easytrip wil review your OBU's & cards to have a look which devices can be reused. The other services will be ordered and delivered for your new truck.

When increasing your fleet you have to send the license document to your local Easytrip office. Our dedicated staff will order and deliver the services you need for your extra vehicle.

My company name will change, what do I need to send to Easytrip?

When changing of company name or VAT number you have to communicate this with your local Easytrip office. Easytrip will review your active services and will inform the suppliers. For some services it will be available to use the existing OBU's and cards. When changing of the services is needed our dedicated experts will inform you accordingly.

What are the features of the Easytrip webportal and how do I sign-up for this webportal?

In order to allow you to manage your bookings for ferries, trains and tunnels, Easytrip makes use of an advanced 24/7 online booking portal with a dedicated booking team across Europe.

Checking your VAT & Excise claims, looking into your invoices & transactions are also part of our dedicated and advanced webportal.

Not yet registered for our webportal? Check our webpage and request your login codes to get connected to it click here.


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