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Basics – general overview

Question: What is telematics and how is it working?

The word telematics is a mix of “Telecoms and Informatics” and corresponds to technology of embedded system into vehicles. It consists of a box equipped with SIM card and/or GPS chip in order to track the position of the vehicle. Now, telematics systems are also connected to the vehicle IT system (through what is called “CAN-bus connection”) in order to transmit more data and bring more insights on the fleet. Here below is a chart explaining what is behind telematics:

How is the telematics box connected to the truck?

The box is installed in the vehicle to be equipped. Most of the time (but not for all telematics systems on the market) the box is also connected to the CAN-bus, which is a standard interface to get the data from the vehicle. The CAN-bus is an international standard and all vehicle manufacturers have to deliver their truck with a CAN-bus connection ready. The CAN-bus is also used to power-up the telematics box.

What is FMS?

FMS stands for “Fleet Management System”. It is a standard interface to the vehicle data of commercial vehicles. The six European manufacturers Daimler AG, MAN AG, Scania, Volvo (including Renault), DAF Trucks and IVECO developed the so-called FMS-Standard in 2002 to make manufacturer-independent applications for telematics possible. New trucks are FMS ready, but we still find a lot of Non-FMS trucks on the market, which are more difficult to install for telematics (and thus more expensive for installation).

What minimum IT equipment is necessary in order to apply for this service?

You will simply need a computer (either PC or MAC) and an internet Connection(2Mbits/sec internet speed advised, for better experience). That is it!

Can I use the telematics platform on a smartphone/tablet?

The telematics platform is designed to be responsive: this means that it can be used on any smartphone or tablet also.

Can I access to telematics remotely, from another country?

The telematics platform is developed under cloud architecture: it is accessible from anywhere on the planet as long as you have an internet Connection.

What global benefits should I expect from telematics?

Better control of the fleet. Better control of the fleet costs (fuel, maintenance). Better control on driver behavior and driver safety. The main objective is operational excellence.

What should I expect more from Easytrip Connect than from competition?
  1. TCO optimization: Easytrip Connect bundles a set of applications dedicated for TCO optimization in an all-in-one package. These applications are designed to deliver more than data but actionable insights for fleet managers to take action and optimize fleet management.
  2. Constant innovation: Easytrip continuously improves its Apps for free and also develops new Apps in advance on the market
Easytrip Connect works on all vehicles?

Technically yes, as it is only required to have a CAN-bus to make the system work. Nevertheless, some specific truck models can have issues to retrieve some amount of data (i.e.: Non-FMS Volvo may miss some fuel data). It is still possible to bypass this issue with the installation of a third party solution (Squirrel box) which involves an installation with extra cost of ~300 € to the customer. Therefore, these potential issues on Non FMS trucks are not linked to the Easytrip Connect technology but the telematics system in general. You may also face these problems with another telematics provider.

Easytrip Connect is available in all European countries?
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia 
  • Cyprus  
  • Czech republic  
  • Denmark  
  • Estonia  
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy 
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Sweden
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
I already have a telematics system, what can be done?

A truck can have several telematics systems installed in it, so technically there is no issue about it.

I want a truck-screen connected with the telematics system, what can be done?

Easytrip Connect focuses on TCO and vehicle management and optimization and does not include an on-board screen for the vehicles. Nevertheless, you can choose a truck screen or a smartphone/tablet for its drivers as a complement to our solution.

I want other specific applications with the telematics system, what can be proposed?

Our force is to constantly deliver new Apps designed for customer needs. If customers ask for an improvement or see an opportunity to develop an extra application, let your voice be heard! The marketing teams will investigate the possibilities.



Is there a warranty on the hardware?

There is a 1 year warranty coming with the hardware.

What if the hardware has a problem?

A Return Policy is detailed in the GTC:

Easytrip will have the final say about the necessity to recall a defective product from the client.

The return policy is determined as follow (As defined in Particular conditions of the service):

Easytrip to define minimum details (pictures, mileage, VIN) required of returns;

Easytrip can reject returns without reason if minimum details not provided

Easytrip can reject returns if shipped in inadequate packaging;

Easytrip has final say of defining route cause of malfunctioning;

Easytrip can reject returns damaged by wrong installation;

When the hardware is damaged or temperated with by the Client, he is responsible for the costs (replacement and hours spent fixing the issue).


What if the hardware is broken?

See previous question.

What is inside the N-able (Truck Smartbox)?
  • BCM2837 processor
  • 1 Gbyte RAM
  • Gbytes Flash memory
  • 3G modem - 3x USB Hubs
  • G-sensor
  • GPS 
  • 10x CANbusports
  • RDW certified
What is inside the N-Dure (Trailer Smartbox)?
  • Unique battery lifespan >4 months
  • Robust product casing
  • IP66–dust and waterproof
  • CE-certified
  • 9–30VDC, enabled for 12v and 24v
  • Battery replaceable
  • 3x I/Os available (doors, engine hrs, etc)
  • ADR certified
What is inside the Dongle
  • Mounting via OBD-II connector
  • Over-the-air software and firmware updates
  • GPS accurate up to 2.0m
  • Communication options: CDMA, HSPA, GPRS and LTE Cat 1
  • Can buffer up to 20k messages
  • Temperature allowed during operation:-30°to +75°C
  • Operating voltage: 9-16VDC
  • Dimensions: 44 x 65 x 26mm; 53g (including battery)
  • Certifications: FCC, CE, IC, CDG,
  • RoHS Compliant, SAE J1455
Is the hardware compliant with all vehicles?

Yes, as long as there is a CAN / OBD connection.

How to install the boxes?

Installation process is different depending on the truck, brand and model and requires more expertise when trucks are not-FMS. Documentation for installation on specific trucks model/brand (FMS or Non-FMS) is available upon request to Easytrip.

Where is the hardware located on the truck?

N-able hardware are usually located behind the truck dashboard. OBD dongles have a specific port. The Location depends on the trucks’ models and brands. Please ask Easytrip for installation guidelines for your trucks’ brands, models and year of build for more details.

Is there a risk that the hardware can “corrupt” or “break” some parts on my truck?

The devices are only reading the CAN-bus information and not sending data to the truck. During installation, basic wiring is performed with no interaction with other truck parts, hence risks areminimal.

Is the hardware certified for my truck?

The hardware we propose are certified and designed for the automotive industry.

What are the risks related to the installation?

There is no risk for the truck to be damaged during installation (see question above).

Do I have to buy the hardware?

No, it is possible to rent it, and buy it eventually later.



What are the minimal requirements to access the dashboard?

Any computer, tablet or smartphone will do the job as long as it supports the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome internet browsers.

Can I access the dashboard with all web browsers?

It is strongly advised to use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers to access to the platform. Performance are higher on these browsers.

Where is my login/password?

You will receive an email to create your account and setup your password, generally at the end of the first training session done by Easytrip staff.

Where should I go to log in?
I lost my login/password, what should I do?

There is an “I lost my password” button on the homepage of the platform. This leads to a whole process to reset your login or password.

Can I access the dashboard with a tablet or smartphone?

Yes, it is designed to be responsive so that you can access from any device, computer, smartphone or tablet.

How can I create an account for my driver or fleet manager or for one of my sub-client?

You can manage accounts in the Settings (top right panel under company name). Then select “Drivers & Users” menu. Then use the “+” button next to “Users” on the right to create a new user.

How can I delete an account?

You can manage accounts in the Settings (top right panel under company name). Then select “Drivers & Users” menu. Then click on the gearwheel, at the right of the user you wish to remove. Then click on the “Remove button” on the pop-up that just opened.

How can I change settings of my account?

You can manage accounts in the Settings (top right panel under company name). Then select “Drivers & Users” menu. Then click on the gearwheel, at the right of the user you wish to edit. If you wish to update email, you need to remove the user and create a new account.

Can I receive alerts through mail or on my phone?

You can receive alerts on the dashboard or by mail. In order to configure these alerts, you need to go to the Settings (top right panel under company name). Then select “Notifications” menu. Then click on ON/OFF button you wish to activate for the alerts.


Can I create groups of trucks?

You can manage your trucks groups through the Settings (top right panel under company name). Then select “Notifications” menu. Then select “Fleet Management” menu. Then you can create new “Fleets” or sub fleets.

I have a specific question on the dashboard and I cannot find the answer in the FAQ, how can I ask for more help?

On the bottom left, you have an “I have a question” button. Do not hesitate to press it when necessary in order to ask Easytrip staff a specific question about Connect.

How can I change the period on the dashboard (i.e.: I want to see 3 last month activity)?

On top right of the dashboard is the located the period selection menu:


Data privacy

Is it allowed to collect and see the geolocation data of the drivers?

It is not forbidden to collect and access this type of data but it is regulated. The three main elements to keep in mind are:

  1.  Data must be collected for specific use-cases determined in advance (i.e.: planning and dispatching, informing the customer when the truck is here etc)
  2. The driver has to be informed of the existence of this system and its purpose. It is also the responsibility of the company to ask the driver prior consent to use this system during its activity time,
  3. Our solution is “privacy by design”, meaning that it was developed taken into account the rules of data privacy.
Who is the owner of the data generated by the telematics system?

In Europe, the data belongs to its creator. In our case, it will be the driver and fleet manager that will “own” the data, depending of the set of data generated. Hence the importance of getting driver’s prior consent of using the data for business/operation purpose before using the service

Do I need to fill some papers in order to be compliant with data privacy laws?

Everything related to Data Protection rules is included in the contract, general terms & conditions and particular conditions of the service. The customer takes the responsibility for the properusage of the data and the transmission of the information to its drivers and users. It is also the customer responsibility to stay informed on Data Protection rules after starting to use the service in order to stay compliant with the directives and laws.

Can I use this system in all countries with respect of data protection?

The system can be used in any country in Europe.

Can I resell or make business with the collected data?

It is forbidden to:

  • Resell data generated with Easytrip Connect without prior consent of Easytrip.
  • Share data generated by Easytrip Connectto other parties without prior consent of parties involved in data generated (ie: sharing driver score on the internet without prior consent of the driver).
Do my drivers have access to the data?

Not by default but the Fleet Manager should create an account for each driver in order to let them consult when needed the data they generated through their activity.

Who has access to the data?

You can set up all authorization levels when creating or editing a, account, so you decide who has access to what data.

How can I be sure the data is secured and won’t be hacked?

All data is encrypted and sent to a secured cloud platform located in Europe.

How can I be sure that my data are not leaked on the internet?

See combination of two previous questions.


Track Application

How are the trucks tracked?

The tracking system is based on a combination of GPS + Radio Frequency technologies.

What is the refreshing update time/ How oftenis the system sending truck location on the platform?

Regarding tracking information, the update time is every 5 minutes. For other features, it sends alerts when there is a specific alert to be sent (dashcam event, harsh braking, etc)

Can I change the refreshing update time myself?

No. If there are some specificities from the customer that require a different tracking update rate, please refer Easytrip staff. Note: some extra costs may be applied for update rate change.

How can I see the traffic situation on the map?

On tracking feature, you have access to traffic options by clicking on the arrow on the right part of the dashboard. You have a panel appearing on the right part of the screen where you can configure Google maps details and select “real time traffic” information.

I see a truck on the application that is not at the location it should be: how to explain this?

GPS or GPRS may have trouble and discontinuities sometimes depending on connectivity (like with your smartphone). These connectivity issues are unfortunately usual in telematics and are often linked to telecom providers. Easytrip Connect uses different telecom providers dynamically in order to maximize connectivity quality. If connectivity issues are too important though, it might be due to a specific issue with your settings or device and it is worth mentioning it to Easytrip staff for in-depth analysis.

The tracking system is functional in all countries?

The tracking system is working in all countries accepted by the system (see question relative to accepted countries or Particular conditions).

The tracking system is functional in tunnels, on the ferry,…?

The tracking system is working as long as there is connectivity, so you may have difficulties to track your fleet when it is in a tunnel or in a ferry.

Is the “fuel tank” estimation accurate? How is it measured?

Fuel tank data comes from the CAN-bus, so from the truck data itself.

Is the “weight” calculation accurate? How is it measured?

Weight calculation is an estimation given from the acceleration of the truck and the force given to speed up. The weight calculation is therefore an estimation and not an exact measurement.


Trips Application

What is the difference between the trips and tracking applications?

Trips is a different application: it gives the historical routes used by the vehicles, when tracking shows the real time / Current activity.

How long are the Trips stored on the platform?

Unlimited time.

When are the Trips uploaded on the Platform?

Few minutes after truck has finished a trip (speed=0km/h for several minutes or Key=OFF).

I see a yellow “warning sign” on one of my Trip, what is it?

It means that a driver event was recorded on this trip and that you can access it to see what happened.

What are the figures on top of the trip and how is it calculated?

These are the main information related to the trip, calculated from the system in order to review relevant information in a nutshell.

Can I have an export of the Trips? Per driver? Per truck?

Trips can be exported on a PDF file. Simply click on the export button on the right of the truck you are interested about

I see that some Trips are missing ? How is this possible ?

Sometimes the system records some trips data but cannot send them directly to the platform for connectivity reasons. It may happen that those trips are kept hidden and not appearing on the platform. If this happens, please do not hesitate to send us your missing trips request so we can transfer them to our technical team to retrieve the missing data in the backlog. It’s also with your contribution that our technical team cancontinue to improve the solution and reduce this inconvenient bug to occur.


Fuel save Application

How do we get fuel information with telematics? Is the information accurate?

Fuel information is coming from the CAN-bus (IT system of the vehicle). We then only use data provided by the truck system directly to prepare our reports and analysis.

Is the Fuel Save Application functionalon all trucks?

Fuel Save is working on all trucks that have a FMS connection. For other trucks, it’s a case by case study to be performed. Depending on the cases, it may happen that some truck models do not deliver all fuel data and that we can only deliver it partially (ie: possible to deliver idling time information but not cruise control usage, etc).

Does it take into consideration Power Take-Off (PTO)?

Power Take Off (PTO) relates to the capacity of using truck power (and fuel) to make other engines work (i.e.: tipper trailer with hydraulic pump). If installation is done correctly, our system excludes PTO activity from fuel analysis.

Does it take into consideration altitude and environment?

Yes, the system is designed to have fair analysis of driver activity, with his environment taken into consideration in fuel analysis and comparison in order to have fair judgements.

What is rollout or Coasting?

A coasting/rollout event is defined as a moment when a vehicle has:

  • Speed > 0km/hr
  • No brake usage
  • Deceleration
Does it take into consideration truck weight?

Truck weight is estimated by the system in order to improve fuel analysis and comparisons between trucks.

What is “Wasting Truck” that I see on the screen?

Label “wasting truck” on top of the screen is giving to fleet managers the information on current week trucks that are consuming more gasoil than the previous week.

What is Idling and how do you calculate it?

Stationary idling: this is defined as a vehicle which has:

  • Speed = 0km/hr
  • RPM > 200
  • No PTO usage
What is over speeding and how do you calculate it?

Over-speeding is defined as a vehicle is driving over 86km/hr. As trucks engines are optimized to run at 85km/h, each extra km/h takes exponentially more fuel (on average, around 2 extra liters per extra km/h).

What is Harsh Breaking and how do you calculate it?

Harsh breaking is a type of event in Easytrip Connect platform. When the driver is pressing the brake pedal above a certain threshold, the system considers it as a harsh breaking event and measure the gasoil that could have been saved if the braking would have been smoother and using rollout/inertia of the vehicle.

What is Harsh Acceleration and how do you calculate it?

Harsh acceleration is a type of Event in Easytrip Connect platform. When the driver is pressing the gas pedal above a certain threshold, the system considers it as a harsh acceleration event and measure the gas would have been saved with smoother acceleration.

Why arethere no specific indicators for Cruise Control usage?

The relationship between cruise control usage and fuel consumption is not simple and straightforward. In some cases, such as driving uphill, using cruise control will make you waste more fuel! Nonetheless, the system provides cruise control data and is this data is used for driver behavior performance measurement. Statistically a driver that uses cruise control a lot will have fewer accidents in the long term.

What are the figures on the top of the Fuel Save page?

These are the Fuel main indicators for the current week. This is why these figures are not changing when you set up a different period of analysis.

How can I receive alerts when a fuel theft is occurring?

The only current possibility to monitor fuel theft is to keep an eye on fuel consumption, spillage and check for irregularities. Easytrip also proposes a specific solution (called Fuel Protect) that exists in order to actively and automatically monitor and prevent fuel theft, even when the truck is OFF. Please contact Easytrip staff for more information.

When is the alert for fuel theft sent to me?

The alert is pushed automatically when an event is created.

How much can I save if I monitor my fleet with your application?

Fuel Save largely varies depending on companies’ situation (current driver behaviors, active usage of the solution from the fleet manager, modern or old trucks in place, activity, geography…). Nonetheless, there are always savings possible and we estimate 3 to 5% of possible fuel savings with our Fuel Save App, and the same with the Driver Behavior app.

Can my drivers be alerted of their overconsumption?

It is possible to save specific events related to fuel waste/over-consumption and share them with drivers. It is up to the fleet manager to select what information he wants to share or not with his teams! Monthly reports are also automatically generated with tips and remarks about specific driver events.


Driver Behavior Application

What is an “event”?

An event is a situation considered “out of the normal pattern” of the truck or driver activity. Harsh breaking, harsh acceleration, long-term idling are several examples of events of different categories.

How do you calculate the scores of my drivers?

Scores figures are the “numbers of events per 100km”. They give good insights to monitor in order to decrease the number of events happening. Less events = less fuel consumption, less maintenance costs, less accidents and damages, and thus more safety for the drivers!

What does the circle on top left mean?

The Circle on the top left gives a quick overview of the total score of the fleet, in comparison to the targets that were set up. If the circle is green: then the scores are exceeding the targets. If it is orange, the scores are underachieving the targets.

What is an “unsafe situation”?

An unsafe situation is an event that is considered critical for the truck or driver safety, because exceeding too much the “normal pattern”. Unsafe situations constitutes a specific category in Driver Behavior menu on the dashboard.

What is the benchmark function?

The benchmark function gives to the fleet manager the possibility to make comparison of the situation of his fleet/company with the other companies hosted on Easytrip Connect platform (+ 1000 vehicles). This is totally anonymous and does not disclose other company’s information.

How can I set targets to my drivers?

You can manage targets in the Settings (top right panel under company name). Then select” Targets” menu. Then click on the gearwheel, at the right of the user you wish to edit. If you wish to update email, you need to remove the user and create a new account.

Can I set different targets depending of the drivers?

Yes, in the target menu you have a specific button on the right side of the screen to choose a driver you wish to specify the target.

How can I have automatic drivers’ reports?

With the Safety application, you have drivers’ reports that are automatically produced each month. You can access to it by selecting the “Driver reports” tab in the Safety menu and click on the month you wish to see.

How can I have my drivers informed of their performance?

See drivers’ reports above. You can have the report in PDF and share it with the drivers.


Dashcam Application

Will the drivers accept the Dashcam in their cabin?

Usually, drivers first see the dashcam as intrusive. It is very important to explain to them how it is works and what are the benefits:

  1. Dashcam sends video clips in the cloud only when there is an event happens on the road (harsh breaking, tilting, etc)
  2. Dashcam only uses video, the sound is NOT recorded (even if there is a microphone on the camera: it is manufactured this way but not used by the system)
  3. Dashcam is a tool designed for the drivers’ safety: it is proven that trucks equipped with dashcam have at least 30% less accidents on the road.
How does the Dashcam work?

We continuously film and store the footage on the device.

This is stored on the N-able for approximatively 6 hours before being automatically deleted.

The system sends video footage to the cloud when there is an alert (driver behavior alert). 20 seconds of footage are then sent (10sec before the event, 10 sec after).

Is the Dashcam allowed in Europe?

The Dashcam is a very specific and innovative feature. Its usage is regulated differently from one country to another. There is no specific restriction at the European level. Nonetheless, it is not allowed to be activated in certainspecific countries (see Particular conditions of the service or following question). Note: as this is a new feature, legislation to adopt the dashcam or regulate it may vary depending on countries legislation.

Can I use the Dashcam in all countries?

Dashcam are:

  • prohibited in Austria, Luxembourg, France; 
  • strongly discouraged in Portugal, Germany.
What are the specific rules that I need to follow regarding the Dashcam?

As for the system, the driver must be informed and asked prior consent by his boss for the usage of the Dashcam during his activity.

Can I unplug the Dashcam as I want?

Of course as this is just a USB stick, but be aware that there will be no morevideos anymore…

Can I download the Dashcam videos?

No, the videos are not meant to be downloaded. In case there is a specific need to download the video, as an accident with one of your truck, please raise the question to Easytrip staff in order to see what can be done (and if possible as soon as possible, as video loops are erased every 6 hours, see previous questions).

Can I send the Dashcam videos to other persons or on the internet?

Definitely not. This is private filming including public and private persons, and it would be in breach with data protection laws.

Can I take pictures with the Dashcam?

This option is not possible to use dashcam as a picture camera at the moment.


Remote Tacho Download Application

How does Remote Tacho Download work?

This App reads the Tacho information that circulates on the FMS of the truck and sends them to the Easytrip Connect platform.

Why is it necessary to give a Company Card for this service?

A Company card is required to access the Digital Tacho data.

What is the .ddd format?

.ddd is the digital format for Tacho information.

What do I need to do with it to be compliant with the law?

It is just asked to download the Remote Tacho information. The software will send you automatic alerts of when you need to do the downloads!

How can I read the Tacho information (.ddd format)?

There are free software to read Tacho information like Readesm or Tachoplus. Please note that Easytrip hasnot developed nor partnered with these software developers and does not take any responsibility regarding their use.