Bulgaria E-vignette and system changes

New E-vignette system implemented in the bulgarian toll network since the 1st of January of this year. Bulgaria’s HGV toll will also soon enable a completely open device market similar to the Hungarian one.


Bulgaria’s long awaited HGV toll and e-vignette schemes have been launched in the beginning of this year.

This will take place in 2 steps :

  • Electronic vignettes have been launched since the 1st of January 2019

The e-vignettes will be available from more than 500 sales outlets and self-service terminals, as well as through apps and web applications.

  • This will soon be followed by the GNSS based toll for trucks from 16 August onwards

 By the 31st of January all forms of paper vignettes should be replaced by electronic vignettes scheme.  Until 15th August 2019, HGV, buses and other road vehicles over 3,5 tons will pay a vignette fee on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.

Bulgaria’s HGV toll will also enable a completely open device market, similarl to the Hungarian Hu-Go programme, meaning a market open to several device suppliers.

It is not yet known whether Kapsch TrafficCom will also provide a specific device of its own as they were awarded the contract to implement this tolling system in Bulgaria.

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