Our History - Easytrip HGV Europe

Our history

Since 10 years, Egis Easytrip Services, operating under the name Easytrip, provides a whole range of mobility services for road users: Light Vehicles, Heavy Goods Vehicles, Vehicle Fleets.

2006: Easytrip Ireland

Easytrip was created in Ireland to answer news needs in the field of road mobility services:

  • Supplier of cashless tolling, car park, mobile payment solutions and roadside services
  • 1st issuer of tolling tags in Ireland: over 200,000 tags issued
  • Interoperable tags accounting for 70% of all Irish ETC transactions




2008: Easytrip Philippines

Two years later, Easytrip has introduced in the Philippines a new range of toll services:

  • Supplier of tolling, dematerialized payment solutions to road merchants and via mobile applications
  • Over 100,000 tags issued for motorways in the Philippines


2011-2016: Easytrip Europe - Heavy Vehicles

Easytrip has developed its services to transport and logistic companies in Europe by integrating new companies.

  • 30 years of experience across Europe, with Heavy Vehicles providing toll road transport solutions, Ferry booking across the channel as well as Mediterranean Sea, VAT & Excise Duty Recovery as well as Fuel services.
  • Steady growth thanks to the combination of organic growth and acquisitions (Transpass in the Netherlands in 2011, England Tir in Italy in 2013, Versluis in the Netherlands in 2016).


2014: Easytrip France - Light Vehicles

Easytrip has created its French subsidiary and offers a range of mobility services to the benefit of light vehicles, for private users and professionals.  

  • Independant distributor of Liber-t tags on French motorways
  • Leader of electo-mobility with Easytrip KiWhi Pass