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    km of road
    km of Autostrade network


Who is concerned

The toll in Italy applies to vehicles on category Class B >1.3M (from the first axle), 3 axles, 4 axles, 5 axles or more.

What kind of OBU

1/ Via the magnetic Viacard (no need OBU) for cash payment at the automatic toll gates. Issued to the individual consortium member, remain property of Autostrade and cannot be transferred to third parties in exchange for payment. All transactions are viewable after 24 hours.

2/ Automatically with electronic way via Telepass On-Board Unit and Viacard (it is mandatory). Easytrip will assist you with registration at Autostrade. With this OBU, you do not have to stop at the toll booths while entering or exiting the highway. You will drive through the Telepass lane where the toll is registered electronically

3/ Via the Telepass DUAL OBU. This OBU provides Inter-operability through Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland (A4 section Krakow to Katowice), Liefkenshoektunnel.

4/ Via the NEW Telepass DM03 OBU. This OBU provides Inter-operability through same territories as Telepass DUAL and Austria .

Both are part of a unique “Easy&Flexible” service that gives you the flexibility to travel through many territories & networks with one unique OBU according to your business needs.

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Additional services:

1/ The Premium Truck card (it offers a series of additional services and exclusive reductions for the vehicles above 35 quintals).

2/ The Area C authorization (Italian vehicles only) to access the historical center of Milan.

Price of the network

The toll amounts depend on: EURO Emission class of vehicles, axle number, the number of length of the kilometers traveled.


The toll in Italy is based on postpayment.


The rebates for the toll in Italy can be up to 13%.

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