Easytrip your toll partner to drive through France.


  • More than
    km of road


Who is concerned

The  toll in France applies to vehicles and buses with a weigth of 3.5 tonnes or more  on motorways and expressways.

What kind of OBU

Choose the toll solution matching your routes.

Through Axxes partner on board units:
1/ Viaxxes OBU, the interoperable toll equipment system used in all French, Spanish, Portuguese, motorways and in Liefkenshoek tunnel and Herrentunnel. You can also pay HGVs parking areas.
2/ Viaxxes SAT OBU, it covers same territories as Viaxxes OBU. It also incorporates satellite technology and can be configured remotely, providing even more flexibility for the management of the fleet. You can also pay HGVs parking areas.
3/ Viaxxes SAT manager OBU + Geolocation application. It can be downloaded on your computer in order to access additional telematics services such as: monitoring vehicles' position in real time, viewing detailed reports on the fleet's activity and redefinition of routes to optimise costs.

Through Telepass partner on board units:
4/ Telepass EU OBU, it provides Inter-operability through France, Spain, Portugal, Poland (A4 section Krakow to Katowice), Liefkenshoektunnel.
5/ Telepass DUAL OBU, it provides Inter-operability through same territories as Telepass EU and Italy.
6/ NEW ! Telepass DM03 OBU, it provides Inter-operability through same territories as Telepass DUAL and  Austria. The three offer easy access to approved secured parking in France that are located along the main motorways. Additional service: the Premium Truck card (it offers a series of additional services and exclusive reductions for the vehicles above 3,5 tons).

Easytrip offers you a unique “Easy&Flexible” service that gives you the flexibility to travel through many territories & networks with one unique OBU according to your business needs. 

Check our Easy&Flexible OBU.

For  LVH we can also provide a payment solution with our Easytrip Liber-T  OBU (tolls are also applicable to less than 3.5t vh).

Price of the network

The toll amounts in France depend on: EURO Emmsion class of vehicles, axle number, the number of traveled kilometers.
The toll in France is subject to VAT. 


The toll in France is based on postpayment.


The rebates for the toll in France can be up to 13%.

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