Truck Solutions

Monitor every aspect of your truck.

Features that provide real-time insights into the status of every truck and driver


Cost efficiency

Track Live locations and idling of vehicles to reduce fuel consumption, damages and maintenance costs


By monitoring the amount of fuel consumed you can reduce CO2 emissions and act environmentally ecofriendly.


Detection of harsh events ensures that your assets and your driver are well protected at all times.


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   Track & Trips follow up

Track and Trips follow up offers the information you need to be fully aware of everything related with the journey and progress of your truck. You can track the progress of driving routes, the current speed of the vehicle, and know whether your driver is resting or driving. You can also send instant messages and share routes to drives. Track and Trips follow up is the perfect solution for real-time insights and fuel tank monitoring of your truck.

Track and trace application available for iOS and Android.



Detection of Harsh events (tilting, breaking,…).  Videos are uploaded safely and directly into the cloud of 10sec before and 10sec after the event.  Each video is supported with valuable data such as speed and location for better understanding of the event.


  Driver Behavior and Safety 

Real time analysis of driver data to understand driver behavior and cost impact for the company. Get real time notifications and insights of dangerous events so that you can take immediate action and improve his driving style.


   Fuel Save

Analyze the fuel usage of your vehicle 24 hours a day, wherever you are. Real-time precise in depth data on where and how fuel is wasted and by who. Get Smart parameters and tips that will help you to optimize your fuel costs.


     Remote Tacho download & Driving hours

Access remotely the Tacho information of your trucks and drivers and receive alerts when Tacho is going to expire.  Securely download Tacho information and save or export it to an external location of your choice.


  Fuel Theft

Fuel Theft monitors the fuel levels in the tank 24/7 with great accuracy, whether the contact is switched of or not. One of the big advantages of such a system is that it makes almost impossible for truck drivers and thieves to steal fuel without being detected. However, if it does occur, Fuel theft app will directly alert whenever unexpected changes are registered.


  Idling Times


By automatically uploading all your POI and customer location the platform gives you direct insight in Idling times.  Get real-time alerts when the Idling times exceed the norm. Monitor the idling times to improve fuel efficiency.


  Trailer Solutions  

Current insight into where your trailer is and which route has been taken. Easily plan your maintenance by understanding the kilometers driven with precise data. Also get real live data of trailer temperature and alerts of intruders through back door.


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